Who Benefits from Children cares Software

Every type of therapy practice, clinics, hospitals & parents can benefit from our software. Our success lies with the evidence of children growth, Reduced/ no Paperwork, Centralized Data collection from multiple departments, , Teacher Evaluation, feedback and Training, Various assessment to improve the children growth.

We benefit the children in following categories.

Physical Therapy:

Physical therapists especially love The Scheduler’s mobile features. With physical therapy appointment scheduling software, PTs can access information from anywhere, even on the go, while helping their patients regain mobility.

Speech Therapy:

SLPs want to spend as much time as possible with their patients, and the digital assessment and Scheduler helps them save time in a multitude of ways. Speech therapists especially appreciate all of the automatic features built in our software and help them setting goals to patients and track their performance.

Applied Behavior Analysis:

Behavior analysts often travel to schools, workplaces, homes and hospitals to help patients in ABA. Since our software is cloud based scheduling software, these analysts can bring all appointment information with them, and easily access it on any web-enabled device, including smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Mental Health:

When counseling patients in mental health therapy, The practitioners need quick access to patient information. Our Software for mental health includes space for vital notes and alerts on each patient, and links directly to all patient documentation and notes–there’s never a need to switch programs to find what you need.

Occupational Therapy:

OTs help patients flow through their daily lives with greater ease, and these occupational therapists benefit greatly from the automatically-flowing information in The Scheduler. This proprietary occupational therapy scheduling software integrates completely with every other aspect of your OT practice management.