Therapy management software

Designed by therapists, specifically for use in therapy practices, Since it is a cloud-based software, you don’t need to purchase expensive servers or security equipment—all you need is internet access and a computer, tablet or Smartphone. All practice data is stored on our secure and reliable servers, available to you from anywhere.

The next generation of cloud-based practice management therapy practice management software empowers you to go paperless, easily access all practice data from anywhere, and effortlessly track everything from therapist productivity.

Medical appointment scheduling software

is designed to improve your therapy practice. Accurate and thorough, yet simple to use, The Scheduler from our software can help you become a more efficient and effective therapy care provider.

Fully integrated management solution

seamlessly links with your clinic, so all practice data flows smoothly between documentation, scheduling and billing. The result? Much less time spent on managerial and administrative tasks.

Robust reporting system

Helps increase efficiency while eliminating reporting errors. With our therapy practice management software, you can run reports for both the clinical and the financial side of your practice. Easily track therapist productivity, authorizations, evaluations, assessments, setting goals to patients, reviews and much more. You can even run detailed reports on physician referrals, letting you know whom to thank, and helping you maintain healthy relationships.

User permission customization

Means you can determine precisely who can access what data. Setting up each user according to their role in the practice gives you complete fine-tuned control over access.

Built-in functionality

Lets you manage any size practice—even with multiple clinics and locations. Whether you’re a single therapist, a mid-sized clinic, or a multi-office network, our therapy management software has exactly what you need to streamline your operation, improve workflow and save time. And it’s designed to address the specific needs of multiple therapy disciplines: Speech Therapy (ST), Occupational Therapy (OT), Physical Therapy (PT) Mental Health (MH) and Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA).