Speech therapy sessions on the fly, right on your tablet

As a speech therapist, you want to spend as much time as possible with your adult and pediatric therapy patients… but there are so many day-to-day tasks that pull you away. As a speech therapy office professional, you want a system that lets you handle all of your administrative responsibilities quickly and easily… but you have multiple programs for therapy scheduling, and billing, and practice management. It all adds up to make your job too complicated and it bogs you down.

As a therapy practice owner, you want to maximize productivity, eliminate errors, improve workflow and track everything effortlessly, from anywhere… but your management system doesn’t offer the control or functionality you need to really boost your bottom line.

Fortunately, there is a better way.

A Universal Solution

Now there’s speech therapy software. Years in the making and perfected in practice, Our Software is the fully-integrated speech therapy practice management software empowers you to spend more time with patients and less time with paperwork.

Speech therapy software was designed by an certified speech-language pathologist, specifically to help therapy practices… so it’s amazingly intuitive and incredibly easy to use.

The Practice Management Speech Therapy Software system saves you countless hours by seamlessly integrating all your speech therapy billing, scheduling and documentation functions, helping your speech therapy practice achieve maximum productivity.

Therapy Software Features Designed for Speech Therapists

Speech Therapy progress notes providing for reporting on assistance type, level, percentage achieved and more, Some speech-language pathology programs just do scheduling. Others just do billing. Some speech therapy software can handle a few of your therapy practice management tasks, but not others. Sadly, the few systems that can “do it all” are mostly loaded down with features and functions you’ll never need in your speech therapy practice, making them confusing, slow and burdensome to use.

But Our Software was designed to address the specific needs of therapy practices, so you’ll never waste time searching through irrelevant codes, goals and modalities. And our software goes even deeper by allowing you to choose which therapy discipline you specialize in. When you first set up your speech therapy software, simply choose your therapy type and the system automatically focuses on options relevant to that discipline, making it easy to find what you’re looking for. You can add or remove disciplines at any time, and customize many fields to your liking.

Fully Customizable Templates Designed for Speech Therapists

The Speech and Language Evaluation template features pre-loaded assessment scoring grids; each data set can be included in the evaluation with a single click.

The Practice Management Speech Therapy Software system was designed with a strong focus on customized reporting templates for pediatric and adult speech therapy patients, and these templates are also fully customizable. The therapy-specific notes receive automatically-flowing information from the other software components, making your reporting nearly effortless. Speech therapy notes allow for reporting on assistance type, level, percentage achieved and interventions may be reported for any given goal.

All of this information then flows seamlessly to progress summaries and discharge summaries, letting you quickly track patient progression, including at what percentage each goal was accomplished, and to what degree.

As a speech-language pathologist (SLP), you address a full range of communication and swallowing disorders across an individual’s lifespan. Regardless of your setting, you provide evidence-based interventions to ensure that your patients make functional gains, improving communication in their daily lives.

Our exclusive Goal Library comes pre-loaded with hundreds of speech therapy objectives, ready to drop into your patient’s care plan.

Speech Therapy Software has built-in timesavers designed just for SLPs. Speech-language pathologists rely heavily on both standardized assessments and informal measures to help justify the need for their services. We provide various templates for standardized assessments, criterion-referenced assessments, and informal checklists to help clinicians document a patient’s deficits and strengths in the areas of receptive/expressive language, articulation, phonological processing, fluency, voice, oral-mechanism structure/functioning, motor speech skills, cognitive communication skills, and swallowing abilities.

After administering popular standardized assessments, can easily enter raw scores, standardized scores, percentile ranks, and age-equivalencies, and developmental norms into templates to generate easy-to-read tables that clearly document areas of strength and weakness. Pre-loaded templates also include descriptions of assessments and normative properties, making reports easy for patients, families, physicians to understand.

After an evaluation or reassessment has been completed, SLPs can easily develop high-quality plans of care and daily notes. With domain-specific goals and objectives, speech-language pathologists can easily document functional outcomes that they would like for their patients to achieve. In order to run a practice successfully, SLPs need a speech therapy billing software that can keep up with them.