Helping You Work More Efficiently and Effectively

As an occupational therapist, you devote yourself to helping people overcome obstacles, so that they can move through their lives more easily and efficiently. Occupational therapy professionals understand the importance of giving patients the tools they need to handle their day-to-day activities, so that they can survive—and thrive—in today’s world. But who can help YOU accomplish your critical daily tasks with greater ease and productivity?

OT templates and other therapy-specific features created in collaboration with many occupational therapists.

Our software is the integrated EMR and occupational therapy practice management software that lets you to spend more time with patients and less time with paperwork.

Saving Time Through Better Organization and Smarter Workflow

occupational therapy practice management software was designed by therapists, specifically to help therapy practices, it’s both intuitive and user-friendly cloud-based, which means you can use it anywhere, from any online device.

Empowers you to spend more time with patients and less time with paperwork.

Occupational therapy practice management software saves time by integrating all of your occupational therapy scheduling, documentation and billing, making sure that your occupational therapy practice can maximize productivity.

Therapy-Focused Features Designed for You

Relevant sections for occupational therapy are available to quickly insert into the Evaluation Template, including Fine Motor, Range of Motion and Strength, Gross Motor, Sensory and more.

The OT templates and other therapy-specific features in occupational therapy practice management software was created in collaboration with many certified occupational therapists and several esteemed members.

As an occupational therapist (OT), you work hard to provide high quality interventions for your patients. occupational therapy management software allows occupational therapists and therapy assistants to tackle documentation efficiently.

occupational therapy practice management software was designed with the busy OT in mind. From helping children with disabilities to supporting older adults following a functional deficit, there is no denying that OTs have a broad scope of practice. From sensory integration to ADLs to fine motor skills to visual perceptual skills, OTs are tasked with helping patients across the lifespan. With such a diverse range of patients that you encounter, Our templates help save time and money and offers scoring grids for popular screenings and assessments,

including the PDMS-2, Beery VMI, M-Fun, QNST-3 and many more

Scoring grids allow clinicians to enter parameters that are important to them, including standardized scores, percentile ranks, and age equivalencies.

After completing skilled assessments and observations, occupational therapists and assistants can plan treatment sessions by easily selecting modalities and procedures from checkboxes. If a preferred modality isn’t in the preloaded template, OTs can easily add items to ensure a seamless transition from assessment to treatment. Further, OTs can plan skilled interventions using ICD-10 codes that will automatically populate, allowing therapists to spend less time searching for diagnostic and billing codes and more time documenting the positive impact they have on their patients’ progress and functional independence through ADLs and IADLs.

Information Appears Automatically, Everywhere It’s Needed

The comprehensive occupational therapy progress note templates allow you to insert relevant observations and interventions, along with reporting on each goal’s progress.

Occupational therapy practice management software features customized reporting for pediatric and adult occupational therapy patients. Automatically-flowing information from the other software components appears in the therapy-specific notes, so your reporting is virtually effortless.

Occupational therapy notes allow for interventions to be reported for any given goal, and for reporting on assistance type, level, percentage achieved and mastery.  The information then flows instantly to progress summaries and discharge summaries, so you can easily track patient progression via data on what percentage each goal was accomplished, and to what degree.

The seamless flow of information continues throughout the entire occupational therapy practice management software system, including the therapy scheduling area, where the data will already be loaded when booking future appointments. All patient and session information also flows through to the billing component, dramatically reducing time spent on claims and invoicing. You’ll never have to re-key your occupational therapy CPT codes, diagnoses, modifiers or session details.

With just two clicks, all occupational therapy claims can be created in batch for all sessions waiting to be billed.

occupational therapy practice management software offers an integrated solution to case management and documentation requirement tasks. Because information, such as patient history, diagnostic codes, and procedures flows freely from assessment to plan of care to notes, occupational therapists spend less time recording information and observations, and more time producing effective treatment planning and productivity.

Occupational therapy electronic medical record product, but it’s so much more: it’s a complete occupational therapy practice management software system that totally integrates all of your therapy documentation, scheduling and billing in one easy-to-use platform.